Summary: Landing Page


Welcome to the Neowiki. This wiki is currently under construction but in general is intended to be a place to detail a new platform for society, a political platform for one. It will also contain my learnings from whole food, plant-based studies as well as my yoga and meditation learnings - a place for note taking really

The goal is to define an underlying philosophy for a health society that maintains the vision of the founding fathers of the United States of America but is incorporates knowledge both from "Science" and from holistic spiritual perspective. It will be an overarching set of principles that allow us to make concrete policy decisions at the state, local, national, and international levels. Also at the family, friends, and personal level.

Check out the detailed description of the motivation for this wiki at MyMotivation but suffice it to say that I believe that we need a new overarching approach to living this country and governing ourselves. It needs to be something that allows an individual to see that overarching goal and where they can fit in with specific actions they can take whether it be political, economic, spiritual, familial, what have you. It is up to each and everyone to determine what that means for them.

This wiki is offered as a place to collaborate on that platform. My intention is to provide some stubs based on my opinions but slowly grow participation in it with individuals that I trust or respect to start, then slowly widening the circle of collaborators.

Here are the *categories* covered by the platform